are we?

We are no ordinary team!

Firstly we are a truly amazing team. Perhaps a little self-indulgent, but we really are. We have fun at work; we laugh a lot, we work hard because we want to and we are actually rather good at what we do.

We love our brands. They are not really our brands, but that’s the way we see them. We don’t just work with any old products either. If it doesn’t make us smile, or get us excited, or make us want one at home, or if it’s not built to last it’s definitely not for us. Life’s too short to spend time apologising for poor quality, organising refunds and answering nasty reviews on Facebook. None of that is fun and stops us spending time on all the other good stuff we want to do.

We love innovation. We love creativity in design, and we love products that aren’t just built to last but designed and engineered to be used and enjoyed over time. 

We have come a long way in the last 20 years and have learnt a lot. We’ve developed the core skills you would expect any good brand partner to have but we like to think we do it a little different. We put our unique twist on things, and the stats don’t lie.



We’ve been doing this a long time,
but let’s keep this short.

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(P.S. a lot happened in 2021!)
rainbow wooden climbing frames

The introduction of the amazing Rainbow Play Systems into the UK and the Redwood garden climbing frame was born. Often copied, never bettered, we love them dearly as do our customers.

Innovation and design at its finest. Springfree have not just ticked every box when it comes to trampoline design and innovation; they have created new boxes that other trampoline companies couldn’t have even dreamed of.
Jacuzzi hot tub & spa

A brief opportunity presented itself, and we jumped on it in a flash. We are now one of Jacuzzi’s largest distributors in the UK and have rather exciting plans for our Jacuzzi expansion over the coming years.... so watch this space.

Coupled with Springfree Trampolines, the addition of tgoma transforms Springfree into the World's first Smart Trampoline. Developed by Springfree Tgoma gives kids the best of both digital and outdoor play.

A new identity, a new name, a defined vision but the same great team doing what they do best!

Killerspin table tennis
We have been like kids in a sweet shop waiting to get this project off the ground. A strong brand in a growing market with a truly innovative way to get organisations to look at the culture of the workplace #unplugnplay.... simply genius!
Ergo’s Hydrolife Jacuzzi business win big at Jacuzzi’s Annual Awards Gala in Portugal winning 7 awards, including the most prestigious “Best Dealer EMEA”.
Ergo Group add more amazing brands to its portfolio, including: 
  • Hydrostone - The Finest Italian porcelain paving
  • Garden Life Verandas - Luxury Verandas and Glass Rooms
  • Dundalk Saunas - Traditional Candian Cedar Wood Saunas
  • Millboard Decking - Hand-molded, wood-look decking

Ergo’s Hydrolife Jacuzzi business becomes the Largest Jacuzzi Dealer in the UK

Ergo Group's Hydrolife win “International Retailer of the Year” at the Jacuzzi® SwimLife™ conference and awards ceremony.

Ergo partner with Hayward International and bring the amazing pHin Smart Water Monitor to the UK. 

Ergo win Swim Spa and Jacuzzi® UK Retailer of the Year 2020!

Ergo partnered with French company Ondilo to create SmartPod... the easiest way to track your hot tub, swim spa or pool water quality!

Outdoor Living Product Experience
Great Products Marketed
Customers and Counting...
Tea Drank Daily

Our core

Love it ∴ live it ∴ share it

Sales and Customer Service

We are a little different. Of course, we like e-commerce and online sales but what we really love is to spend time with our customers. Conversation is so important in the modern digital World. Time allows us to take them on a journey, to properly understand their needs and wants, to ensure they buy the right product for them and their families. It’s funny how often, actual conversations lead the customer down a different pathway to their original oine. 

Retail Outlets and Distribution

Each brand and product we sell requires a bespoke solution in terms of the sale process. Whether we need to utilise our existing retail outlets and trade distribution network or whether we need an innovative approach for a new brand partner we will find the right solution for your products.

Marketing and Business Development

We specialise in getting the biggest bang for your buck possible when it comes to marketing. We are also very hands-on and try wherever possible to put our products directly in front of the right customers at selected shows and events throughout the UK.

Our long-term partners in e-commerce, digital marketing and creative design, support our in-house marketing resource while brand managers for each or our brands ensure an integrated approach and strategy.

Operations and Logistics

The very best products deserve a white glove approach when it comes to delivery, and we are white glove all the way. We not only deliver but also install the vast majority of everything we sell across the UK. 

Our Brands

The world’s safest trampoline. Designed & invented by Dr. Keith Alexander, Springfree is the world’s safest trampoline. Re-engineered from the ground up its design eliminates the impact points which cause the majority of trampoline injuries. After more than 20 years, Springfree's mission remains the same. It is, quite simply, to change the definition of trampoline and to provide a safe environment for kids.

Rainbow Play Systems has over 30 years of Building Childhood Memories® and with more than 200 swing set designs to choose from, it’s easy to see why they are America’s Most Trusted Name in wooden play sets. Only the finest materials are chosen for their swing sets and quality is never compromised. A Rainbow swing set is designed to last a lifetime, while giving your child the wishes-come-true place to run, jump, and play to their heart desires. Building Dreams, Making memories!

Known worldwide for developing innovative and leading wellness products including hot tubs, whirlpool baths, saunas and showers, Jacuzzi is where home hydrotherapy began. Jacuzzi products encompass their four brand values: design, health, pleasure and performance to ensure each product delivers an experience that will inspire and revitalise. Cutting-edge technology together with highly advanced research make Jacuzzi a brand synonymous with luxury.

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